London History Podcast

Learn things about London that most Londoners don't even know in an espresso shot of London history in a podcast with a splash of personality.

There's so much we can't fit into our walking tours, no matter how hard we try.This London history podcast is where we can get down and dirty with the detail!  You're not going to find this level of detail in any guidebook.

London History podcast with Hazel

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Podcast Episodes:

082 Ballet in London

081 Voltaire in London

080 Disability in Tudor times

079 Landladies of Georgian London

078 Georgian Lodgers and Landlords

077 The Delaunes of Blackfriars

076 Elizabeth and Mary: Tudor Cousins

075 The Christmas Cracker - A Victorian Invention

074 Christmas in 1950s and 60s London

073 Great Ormond Street Hospital

072 Drs William and John Hunter

071 Georgian Dentistry

070 Robert Hooke

069 Victorian Actor William Terriss

068 London's First Railway

067 London Street Names: Food Edition

066 London's Blackout

065 London Nursery Rhymes

064 Medieval Toilets in London

063 Hendrix & Handel London

062 James Scott, the First Duke of Monmouth

061 Medieval London at the Museum of London

060 Virginia Woolf & The Bloomsbury Set

059 Big Ben

058 Greenwich Palace and Hospital

057 The Gerald Coke Handel Collection

056 London's Black Cab Legacy

055 The Regency Cook

054 The Festival of Britain

053 Benjamin Franklin in London

052 St George's Day

051 Walk Through London's Forgotten Places

050 History of Shoreditch

049 Myths of Regency Dress

048 Leper Houses in London

047 Victorian Dinosaurs in Crystal Palace Park

046 Beer, The Bard & Historic Buildings of Bankside

045 Drawing London's Buildings

044 Tudor London & John Stow

043 London Fog

042 John Julius Angerstein: The Man Behind the National Gallery

041 London's Medieval Friaries

040 Charles Dickens in Greenwich

039 London's Frost Fairs

038 The Black Death: London's First Plague

037 Bridgerton & Regency London

036 Brexit in the City

035 A Tudor Christmas

034 London's Old Shops: Food & Drink

033 London's Pillar Boxes

032 Medieval Guilds

031 Abandoned London Underground Stations

030 Quirky Street Names - Little Britain

029 Harp Makers of Fitzrovia

028 30th October Halloween Special - The Ghost of Cock Lane

027 The South Sea Bubble

026 The Seven Noses of Soho

025 The British Museum

024 The Walbrook in Roman London

023 London's Historic Pubs

022 The Havering Hoard

021 London Area Names - Animal Edition

020 The Great Fire of London - How It Began

019 London Coffeehouses

018 Victorian Photography

017 The Proms & The Royal Albert Hall

016 Women in 1920s London (From Cowgirl to Congress)

015 Movies Filmed in London

014 Postcards from London's Past

013 London Statues: Medical Women

012 The Old Operating Theatre Museum

011 London's Coffeehouses and Commerce

010 London's Folklore

009 Music Halls and Cabaret - from yesterday to today

008 The Monument to the Great Fire of London

007 True London Spy Stories

006 Hockley in the Hole Clerkenwell

005 The Dragons of London

004 The Crown Jewels

003 Childhood Foods

002 Fantastic Beasts in London

001 An Introduction to Roman London

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