London Statues of Medical Women

Episode 13: London Statues: Medical Women

How many statues of named women are there in London?

Listen to London Tour Guide Hazel and she tells the lives of four pioneering women who made their own contributions to medical science.

Three have a statue in London but one does not...

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Show notes:

Hazel Baker: Hello, and welcome to our London History Podcast, where we share our love of London; it's people, places and history in 20 minute espresso shot episodes served with a dash of personality. I am Hazel Baker CEO of London Guided Walks providing private tours, treasure hunts, live London quizzes to Londoners and visitors alike.

To accompany this podcast we also have hundreds of London history-related blog posts for you to enjoy at And now, on with the show.

Statues have become a heated topic of late. The debate has caused passions to rise across the country. I am not here to discuss whether the current statues should exist or be on public display. I refuse to judge the decisions of people from the past, with our modern sensibilities. What we can do, however, is take account of what we do have. 

What we discussed: 

  • Taking away the Royals, how many statues of named people are there in London do you reckon?
  • How many statues of named women are there in London?
  • Three women who made a big difference with their contributions to medical science and all have statues dedicated to them in London.

All of these women overcame obstacles in order to save and change lives and should be celebrated and remembered for their efforts. By having plaques and statues, that's just one way of remembering them and celebrating them. Of course, it also means that we need to keep telling their stories. we also need to be writing them in literature, in plays and keeping them front of mind.

With a statue you can only do so much. But they are a visual and a physical reminder, telling us that we can be the better version of ourselves, interrupting our everyday life. 

What statues of women would you like to see on the streets of London? Let me know by messaging me on social media, via email, or by leaving a voice message on my website.

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