Episode 11: London's Coffeehouses and Commerce

Join London tour guides Hazel Baker and Ian McDiarmid as they discuss London's Coffeehouses how they enables the financial revolution in the 18th century.

Find out where Londoners get their bowls of coffee from a history-making entrepreneur. Hear how the Bank of England, the Stock Exchange and the Royal Exchange began.

Find out how we get the phrase to hear a pin drop and where you would have needed to go to sample London's best cherry brandy and sandwiches.

Discover what of Roman London there is left to explore.

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Show notes:

Hazel Baker: Hello, and welcome to London Guided Walks podcast. In the coming episodes we'll be sharing our love and passion for London, its people, places and history in a 20 minute espresso shot with a splash of personality. I am Hazel Baker CEO and founder of LondonGuidedWalks.co.uk , providing private tours, treasure hunts, and live London quizzes to Londoners and visitors alike.

Joining me today is Ian McDiarmid City of London tour guide and financial London lecturer.

What we discussed: 

  • When did the City of London take off as a financial centre? 
  • What was this financial revolution and why aren't we taught about it at school?
  • What's the connection between shipping commerce and the city? 
  • Why did the City of London take off as a financial centre?
  • What was the financial revolution?
  • What is the connection between commerce and the City?
  • Why were the coffeehouses so important?
  • Why did coffee become so popular in London?
  • What were the famous coffeehouses in London?
  • Why did the coffeehouses decline as places to do business?
  • What was the Royal Exchange?

You can join in and explore the heart of the capital's financial markets and walk down the narrow alleyways, where the deals were done in the 17th to 19th century. The calendar for scheduled guided walks and private tours are both available on our website londonguidedwalks.co.uk. 

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