Episode 46: Beer, The Bard & Historic Buildings of Bankside

Join tour guides Hazel and Stephen as they discuss the wonderful history of the area around Borough Market, known as Bankside. 

In this episode we discuss beer, brewing, trading and also drinking it. Stephen shares some of his favourite historic pubs with links to literary greats such as Shakespeare and Chaucer. Learn how special effects caused The Globe Theatre to burn to the ground, how Borough's marked history begins with the Romans and the highlights of Southwark Cathedral.

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Show notes:

Hello, and welcome to our London history podcast, where we share our love of London, its people, places and history. This podcast is designed for you to learn things about London that most Londoners don't even know. All in 20 minutes. I am your host, Hazel Baker, a qualified London tour guide and CEO of London Guided Walks.

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Get that cup of tea, puts your feet up and enjoy.

Today's guest is City of Westminster Tour Guide Stephen King and we will be talking about Bankside.

Thanks for joining us, Steven. I'm really excited about this one!

What we discuss:

  • How the Romans influenced the shape of Borough.
  • The importance of beer in Borough; both drinking and brewing.
  • The Hop Exchange.
  • Pubs: The George Inn, The White Hart, The Tabard Inn, The Globe, Southwark Inn and The King's Head (see video)
  • The Bard / William Shakespeare and the The Globe Theatre
  • Chaucer & The Canterbury Tales
  • Charles Dickens
  • Southwark Cathedral

That's all for now. I'll see you next week.

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