Harp makers in Fitzrovia

Episode 29:Harp makers of Fitzrovia

What do Jamie Oliver, Queen Victoria and harps have in common?  Find out on our latest episode where Moira Bonnington talks with Hazel about her investigation into four generations of harp makers in Fitzrovia. 

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Images provided by Moira Bonnington

Show notes:

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Joining me in the studio today is Moira Bonnington, who has gone on a little bit of an adventure, really with her family history and has uncovered four generations of harp makers in London. And I've invited her here today to share her adventures and some of her findings.

I must admit the Moira, I got very excited when I read your research about your family history. Because it's not just about the streets of London, this is about the people that lived and worked in them as well.

What we discussed:

  • Your interest in all of this, Moira, started I believe from an old Brown envelope? Isn't that right?
  • Who is Mr. Morley?
  • Who provided harps for Marie Antoinette?
  • Were there prototypes?
  • Is it your great great-grandfather? Who was 93 when he was still in the shop?

Hazel Baker: That's absolutely fantastic, Moira. I mean, it's  just amazing journey that you've been on and you'll get, you're still continuing on that journey now reconnecting your family's history, I think is absolutely fantastic. And thank you so much for sharing that with us today.

Moira Bonnington: Oh, it's great. Thank you for getting in touch. It's been enjoyable.

Hazel Baker: And if you're finding yourself with a little bit of extra time on your hands, now we'd locked down 2.0 in session, then perhaps this will inspire you to research your own family history.

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