Episode 19: London Coffeehouses

Ever wondered how the coffee tasted before in London’s old coffeehouses? Is it similar to Starbucks, Costa Coffee, or Caffe Nero?

Join me and Ian in this episode as we talk about all things coffee and its main role in the 17th century.

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In this episode we discuss:

Hello and welcome to our London History Podcast, where we share our love of London, it's people, places and history in 20 minute espresso shot episode served with a dash of personality.

I am Hazel Baker, Qualified London Tour Guide and CEO of London Guided Walks, providing private tours, treasure hunts, and live London quizzes to Londoners and visitors alike.

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Joining me in the studio today is City of London Tour Guide Ian McDiarmid.

Hello! Today we are talking about all things, coffee and I don't mean Starbucks, Costa Coffee, or Nero. I'm talking about ye old fashioned coffee houses.

We will be answering the following questions:

  • What was a coffeehouse?
  • Were women allowed in London’s coffeehouses?
  • Which was the first London coffeehouse?
  • Why was there a rage for coffee?
  • What is the connection between coffeehouses and finance?
  • What did seventeenth-century coffee taste like?
  • Were oyster shells used to filter coffee?
  • Why were the coffeehouses so popular?
  • Why was Charles II concerned about the coffeehouses?

If you are interested in all of this, we do have several blog posts digging into the matter a little bit more. And also of course, Ian is available for a private financial London tour, and I'll provide the link in the show notes as well. And you can have him all to yourself. 

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