Episode 20: The Great Fire of London- How It Began

Join Hazel Baker and Ian McDiarmid as they revisit the story of how The Great Fire of London began and the aftermath, how it shaped the face of the new City of London

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What we discussed:

Hazel Baker: Hello and welcome to our London History Podcast, where we share our love of London its people, places, and history in 20 minute expresso shot episodes, served with a dash of personality. I am Hazel Baker, London Tour Guide and CEO of London Guided Walks, providing private tours, treasure hunts, and live London quizzes to Londoners and visitors alike.

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It's September. Which means The Great Fire of London. And you do a Great Fire of London talks so you're the perfect tour guide to throw a few questions that, our followers have, thrown to me. And I'm just passing the bat over to you. So I might not be so lenient with my questions this time.

Great Fire of London questions we answer are:

How did the Great Fire of 1666 start?

Were there other big fires in London before 1666?

Why did the Fire of London take hold?

How hot did the Fire of London get?

What means were available to fight the Fire of London of 1666?

What role did the wind play in the Fire of London of 1666?

What damage did the Fire of London do?

How many people died in the Fire of London of 1666?

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