Brexit in the City Podcast

Episode 36: Brexit in the City

We all know Brexit means Brexit. Putting politics aside, what does Brexit mean for the City of London? Join your host Hazel Baker as she speaks with City of London tour guide Ian McDiarmid who tells us more about the history being made today and the affects that will have on the City of London and the UK as a whole.

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Hazel: Hello, and welcome to our London history podcast, where we share our love of London. As people, places in history and weekly 20 minute episodes. I am your host Hazel Baker, a qualified London tour guide and CEO of London Guided Walks. You can follow us on Twitter at guided_walks or find us on Instagram walk_london or we're also on Facebook; London Guided Walks. We have a lots of lovely guided walks and private tours, treasure hunts, and virtual tours for Londoners and visitors alike. You can check those out on our website Don't forget our blog is regularly updated with posts written by our passionate team of quantified London tour guides.

What we discuss:

There are hundreds to choose from all absolutely free kick off the new year. I'm just going to do it. I am going to use the B word: Brexit. This is Britain's breakaway from the European Union. We know that Brexit means Brexit. Putting aside all the politics, what does it really mean for the city of London in this historic event?

I've invited City of London tour guide Ian McDiarmid to join us. And he incidentally does a very interesting financial tour in the city as well. Thanks for joining us again.

So you are all things finance and I need some help with Brexit. So let's get down to it. Why is the city of London so important when we're talking about Brexit?

What is going to happen today? January the first 2021,  Britain left the EU at the end of January, 2020. And from January, 2020 to the end of December 2020, it was in transitional arrangements whereby the, all the rules put in place were still in place. And then on January, the first 2021, those arrangements came to an end and Britain fully left the EU.

How is the city affected by Brexit?

Is passporting effected by all of this?

For the benefits of the audience, what is passporting?

The EU is Britain's most important trade partner, but the proportion of trade goes to you has been declining for well over a decade now. And this just reflects the fact quite simply that economic growth is, is. It's more rapid than other parts of the world and Britain, is it to some extent escaping the dead hand of the EU.

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