Episode 15: Movies Filmed in London

In this episode, we'll have a look at how the world's greatest city has been portrayed on film, taking in everything from the glory days of Ealing to the use of the modern metropolis as the background for blockbusters.

Join Hazel Baker (Qualified London Tour Guide) and Richard Luck (Feature writer, critic and author) as they discuss movies that are filmed in London.

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Show notes:

Hazel Baker: Hello and welcome to our London history podcast where we share our love of London, its people, places and history. In 20 minute espresso shot episodes served with a dash of personality. I am Hazel Baker, a qualified London tour guide and CEO of London Guided Walks providing private tours, treasure hunts, and live London quizzes to Londoners and visitors alike.

To accompany this podcast we also have hundreds of London history related blog posts for you to enjoy at www.londonguidedwalks.co.uk/blog

It's a week for celebrating as we have hit the amazing milestone of 3,000 listeners. Now I am beyond proud and thankful, not only for you, my lovely listeners, but also for our expert guests for sharing their love of London. Don't forget if you want to be a guest, please do get in touch via our website, londonguidedwalks.co.uk/podcast

Also for celebrating this week I was a guest on the Robert Elms show for BBC radio London, yes again. This time I was invited to talk about the nautical names of some streets of Islington and Hackney.  I'll leave a link to that in this week's show notes.

Don't forget. From 4th of July, we will be offering private tours, treasure hunts, and live London quizzes to private groups, all COVID-19 secure. And now, on with the show!

Hazel Baker: There's no denying that London is a cinematic city with the meandering river Thames, instantly recognisable buildings. It's St. Paul's Cathedral, Buckingham Palace, Houses of Parliament and the sky scrapers of Canary Wharf. London is pretty hard to beat when it comes to the perfect city for film locations, film shot on the streets of London include Paddington. Bridget Jones,  James Bond Skyfall, Mary Poppins Returns and Marvel's Dr Strange with also much loved classics, such as Genevieve, Alfie, the lady Killers, Indiscreet. the Lavender Hill Mob.

Joining me today to talk all things London in film is film critic and feature writer Richard Luck.

What we discussed:

  • Knowing your love of classic films Richard, I'm guessing we're going to be sticking to the more timeless films rather than the modern day blockbusters?
  • Basic locations in American films
  • How London used to be in films from 1950s and 1960s
  • London movies and sets
  • Film villains
  • Richard's favourite London film

Hazel Baker: Thank you so much for taking the time I've had a ball.

Richard Luck: Thanks Hazel!

Hazel Baker: If you've enjoyed this episode, then please do take a few moments and leave a review. It is very much appreciated. Thanks again, and see you next time!

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