Find the Phoenix

The phoenix was forged in the flames of the Great Fire of London in 1666. It protects the City of London but hasn't been seen since the Blitz during World War II when it's believed to have been moved to a safer location within the City's boundaries.  

For 80 years the phoenix has been kept safe in a secret location. But now it's come to light that others are hunting the phoenix down. We do not know who or where they are but they have the intent of destroying both the phoenix and the City. You cannot allow this to happen. Only your team can keep the City safe by finding the phoenix. 


This is an interactive virtual treasure hunt which can be done in your own home. Teams will be randomly created during the event. You will need to work together to decipher the clues and solve the riddles. Will you find the phoenix before they do? Or perhaps, they will find you?!

Duration: 90 mins | Team 1 - 5 people suggested

The Rules:

  • Use any form of map 
  • Use any form of research
  • Work together with your own team
  • Don't deliberately thwart other teams
  • Keep your head in the game

Technical Requirements:

  • Ability to attend a Zoom event
  • Access to latest updated Chrome browser

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