Episode 7:True London Spy Stories

Have you ever wondered how much of the James Bond stories are true? We all know 007 is a fictional character but the inspiration for the stories has to come from somewhere.

In this episode our tour guide Rob Smith shares with us try London spy stories. Including how the secret service came about, the role of the secret service in World War I, where MI6 agents hung out in London. He also shares the intriguing story of the third man and the cost of being a double agent. 

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Show notes:

Hazel: Hello and welcome to "London Guided Walks'' podcast. In the coming episodes we will be sharing our love and passion for London, its people, place and history in an espresso shot with a splash of personality. For those of you who don't know me, I am Hazel Baker, founder of londonguidedwalks.co.uk providing guided walks, private tours, and treasure hunts to Londoners and visitors alike. And now bringing you a jam-packed podcast during the time of the Coronavirus. Joining me today is one of our long-standing guides Rob Smith. 

What we discussed:

  • Rob's spy stories with a London connection.
  • How did the Security Services get started?
  • What was their role in World War One?
  • In James Bond, you have the characters with M and Q, is there any relation to that then?
  • Being an agent must be really stressful but being a double agent must just play havoc with your nerves, right?
  • How could a proper gent like Philby be spying for the Russians? 

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