Do I need to pre-book a walking tour?

All of our public walks can be viewed here. Simply click on the walk title in the walks calendar and book your tickets online. 

Will I be able to hear with so many in a group?

Your guide Hazel will be wearing a voice amplifier and will use it as and when the need arises.

I want to join others on a walk. Do you do public walks?

Yes please. This is the only way can get true numbers and accessibility requirements. Also if a walk is ever cancelled we have the means by which to contact you. 

How many people are in a group for a walking tour?

This varies, usually between 12 and 15. We are insured for up to 25 people.

Who will be our London tour guide?

Hazel is a qualified and insured CIGA London Tour Guide. You can get to know Hazel and the other London Tour guides a little more here or by reading their London blog.

How long do walks tours last?

The duration for each walk is detailed on the specific walk page. Most of our walking tours are 90 minutes long. Our 1 hour walks are particularly popular with corporates. Private tours can be up to a whole day.

What if my walk is cancelled?

Cancelling a walk is unlikely but then again, we are all human and illness does occur.

In the unlikely event that a walk ever has to be cancelled, your tour guide will give you as much notice as possible of this and contact you by the email used to make the booking. You will be offered either a full refund or the opportunity to transfer your booking to another date on the same or another walk.

What if I'm running late?

We do leave promptly. Your London tour guide will be at the meeting place 10 mins before departure.

If you are able to text as soon as you can informing Hazel you are late she will try her very best to respond with details as to where the group is going next so you can catch up. The office can be contacted on +44 (0)7545020406

Once the tour starts the mobile phone will be switched to silent as it’s distracting during a tour. 

Please note no refunds or exchanges will be provided for no shows. 

How will I recognise the tour guide?

For most of the walk Hazel will be your tour guide, will not only be wearing her official guiding badge on a bright pink lanyard she will also have with her a London Guided Walks bag (seen in the photo) and will be holding up a laminated sign with the walk name and London Guided Walks website address at the designated meeting place.

Hazel will be at the meeting place 10 mins before departure and can be contacted on +44 (0)7545020406 prior to the start of the walk.

If you have booked a Jack the Ripper, Sweeney Todd, Shakespeare in the City walk or an Underground Treasure Hunt, information and photoof your guide or hunt master can be found here.

Do you do private tours in London?

We most certainly do. See all our available private tours in London

How much does a private tour cost?

Each private tour is individually prices. Private tours start from £85 for 1hr, £115 for 90 mins. See all our available private tours in London 

Are you insured?

Yes. All London tour guides have their own public liability insurance. It is important to stress that each participant is responsible for their own safety at all times.





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