Episode 41:London's Medieval Friaries

Medieval London was a very different place, with large walled off precincts for friaries.

Join Hazel and Ian as they explore what the  friaries were, how they differed monasteries, what Londoners thought of them and what Blackfriars precinct would have been like in Medieval London. 

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Show Notes

Hello and welcome to our London History Podcast, where we share our love of London, its people, places, and history in 20-minute episodes. I am your host Hazel Baker, a qualified London tour guide and CEO and founder of London Guided Walks. Find us on Twitter @guided_walks, Instagram @walk_london, or indeed we're also on Facebook at London Guided Walks.

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Thank you so much for everybody supporting, we have now 25,000 downloads, which is amazing. So, thank you very much. And thank you to all of those who have written a review or at least ticked the stars. And if you haven't, please, please do that. This is how we share our love of London with others. We've had some really nice comments from several teachers, actually.

Roman London and Introduction, and also The Black Death, and also our Frost Fairs podcasts have been rather popular because of course, children are learning about this in schools. So, if you know a teacher who is stuck for inspiration on how to get the kids engaged, then maybe 20 minutes of a podcast can give them a little bit of help there.

Right, now on with the show. Joining me in the studio today is City of London tour guide, Ian McDiarmid.

What we discuss:

  • What is a friary and who were the friars?
  • When we think of Friar Tuck in Robinhood times, he's a friar then?
  • How many friars were there in London?
  • If you imagine that you've gone out of Black friars station and I guess for people who don't know London well Black friars bridge right by back bridge and opposite the Unilever building.
  • So that was very different though. And 1300s, wasn't it?
  • If I was a layman wanting to get into the precinct of black friars, where would I go
  • So, if I gone through the main gate in the North, what would I have seen?
  • So, these friaries really would have stood out, wouldn't they?
  • You said about how these friars go out into the community. Other than preaching, what do they do?
  • Hearing all of this, then I think that Friar Tuck was very good in his endeavours.

And you've done two other Medieval themed podcasts, haven't you? The Black Death and also Medieval Guilds.

If you haven't listened to those and you want to immerse yourself more into the Medieval world, then you can listen to both of those. Also, if people want to get out and about, then there's several walks that they can do to join us on there. You do a very good Medieval London walk.

And then I also deliver a Best of Blackfriars Walking Tour. Yeah. So, it's not all Medieval. We do a bit of Roman but we do basically walk the precinct of Black friars. We get to see that bit of masonry that you were talking about from the parish church. So, the theme is Black friars so we get to go travel through history and time on that one.

And that's all for now. We'll see you next week.

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