Episode 42:John Julius Angerstein: The Man Behind the National Gallery

With the assistance of artists such as Joshua Reynolds and Benjamin West, Angerstein started to establish a collection of Old Master Paintings. In total, he collected 38 important works of art, some were displayed at Woodlands and others at his rooms at his town house at 100 Pall Mall.

Many of Angerstein’s earlier purchases of pictures for his collection were by British artists. By 1804, Angerstein’s collection, at that stage consisting of only 25 paintings, was said to be the best and most celebrated collection in Great Britain.

Join Hazel as she gets to know John Julius Angerstein, the man behind the National Gallery.

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Show Notes

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What we discuss:

  • The Father of Lloyd's
  • Getting to know the man:
  • Man of Business
  • A Man with a Uniform
  • A Man of Punctuality
  • A Family Man
  • Charitable Work
  • A Man in Society
  • A Lover & Supporter of the Arts

That's all for now. I'll see you next week.

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