Episode 1:Roman London - An Introduction

Join London guides Hazel Baker and Ian McDiarmid as they discuss Roman London.

Find out whether London's history really begins with the Romans, when they came to Britain, why they chose the area to build Londinium.

Hear about the trades that went on inside Londinium, what goods were made there and what they imported. 

Discover what of Roman London there is left to explore.

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Explore Roman London

Roman London Guided Walk with Ian

Roman London Private Tour with Ian

Roman London Amphitheatre Virtual Tour: https://bit.ly/33ABVWZ

What we discussed:

  • Does London's history really start with the Romans?
  • Why did the Romans choose London?
  • When did the Romans come to Britain and why?
  • And how long were the Romans here for?
  • Was Londinium completely empty when the Romans left?
  • How big was Roman London and how do we know this?
  • What kind of trade was going on in London?
  • We weren't making wine in this country, so they had to import that as well?
  • If you're Roman traveling to this far off land Londinium, it would have been a home from home?
  • What do we know about the Boudican Revolt of 61 AD?
  • At Tower Hill station there's a statue of a Roman Emperor, who is he and why is he there?
  • What of Roman London is there to see now?

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