Rotherhithe Treasure Hunt

Private treasure hunts are perfect for London company team building events and organisation activity days; the mixture of competitiveness, observation skills, team work and creativity brings everyone together.

London treasure hunts are an ideal way to give both legs and brains a stretch without getting sweaty or for the need to wear lycra!  

Take up the timed challenge of unearthing clues of the lost area of maritime Rotherhithe.

Our team building treasure hunt in Rotherhithe is designed to ensure participants work together, solving cryptic clues and photo challenges whilst getting to know the area of Rotherhithe a little better. 

Rotherhithe and the Surrey Commmercial Docks lay at the heart of British commerce, before being redeveloped in the 1970s. Come and explore this vibrant area replete with history on our Treasure Hunt covering the river, engineering, maritime adventure and tragedy.

As well as clues to unravel and riddles to solve there will be bonus challenges too - just to keep you on your toes!

Perhaps you all work in SE16 and spend so much of your time in every day - buildings that you blindly walk by?  Or do you want to explore somewhere new, Rotherhithe is easy to get to thanks to the Jubilee line and the Overground. 

See SE16 through different eyes. No matter your reason, our team building Rotherhithe Treasure Hunt can be just the ticket!


Rotherhithe Treasure Hunt It was a stunning day for a slow walk around Rotherhithe looking for clues. Good atmosphere and even a bit competitive! Lovely way of spending a beautiful afternoon in the company of new friends.

great experience  We did the Rotherhithe treasure hunt on a sunny Sunday afternoon. We were not familiar with the area and the hunt was a great way to discover it. We met new people, learnt new things and spent an enjoyable and different afternoon. The hunt was very well organized, not too easy, but not too difficult, so we highly recommend it! Thank you Hazel 

Rotherhithe treasure hunt  I had done several of Hazel's entertaining and informative walks in the past so decided to do this treasure hunt. Not exactly searching for treasure but the answers to some 25 cryptic questions that our team had been given together with a map of the area. Its all good fun, gets you thinking and looking around the area and you learn a bit from the clues ending in a pub afterwards for the prize giving. A lovely way to spend a Sunday afternoon, get some exercise, meet now people and learn something (Michael Caine was born in Rotherhithe, not a lot of people know that!).

Great exercise for the brain!  A fun, social way to explore a new area of London, Hazel's walks are well researched and put together. You meet new people and learn about London's history along the way.

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FAQs about our Rotherhithe Treasure Hunt:

What kind of clues are there on the Rotherhithe Treasure Hunt?

Answers to clues will be found on statues, information plaques and in architectural features. As well as clues to unravel and riddles to solve there are photo bonus challenges too - just to keep you on your toes! 

How many can be in a team?

We would recommend four.

How long will the treasure hunt take?

The Rotherhithe Treasure Hunt should take teams around 2 hours. 

What's a self-managed treasure hunt?

A self-managed treasure hunt gives you maximum flexibility to run the event as and when it best suits you. We send you everything you need from individual team packs containing laminated question sheets, team stickers, permanent markers (to write the answers). We will also provide the organiser with easy to follow rules, a comprehensive marking matrix and the ever important answers in a sealed envelope! Find out more about self-managed treasure hunts.

What's a fully-managed treasure hunt?

A dedicated events manager will manage your event from start to finish. This includes welcoming the teams and providing them with a brief as how to make the most of the Rotherhithe Treasure Hunt. They will be hands on during the treasure hunt, easy to spot wearing a fetching his vis jacket. Your event manager will be waiting for them at the final venue to collect their packs and then mark their answers. Once that has been done the event manager will then announce the scores and lead the applause for the winning team. You are welcome to provide prizes for the winning team/s. Find out more about fully managed treasure hunts.

What do participants need to bring to the treasure hunt?

A smartphone (with battery life) and comfortable clothing

Do participants follow a set route?

Teams are provided with the same clues but the order in which they choose to do them is completely up to the individual team's chosen strategy.

Most of us don't know this area. Do we need local knowledge?

These treasure hunts are designed for you to learn about the area. No local knowledge is required.

Are these treasure hunts suitable for children?

The cryptic clues on our Rotherhithe treasure hunt are designed for adults. However, children are able to and do enjoy being able to contribute to the challenges and also answering the clues once they have been de-riddled.

Treasure Hunt Prices:

Self-guided treasure hunts

Prices from £100

Includes: four treasure hunt packs, suitable for four teams of 4 - 6 people

Additional treasure hunt packs are available at £15 per pack.

Fully -managed treasure hunts

Prices from £450 for up to six teams

Each additional team costs £15.

Are these treasure hunts accessible for wheelchairs and prams?

We try and make our treasure hunts as accessible as possible including avoiding stairs. You do, however, need to be able to comfortably be out for 2 hours with your team. The treasure hunt does involve curbs and so not suitable for mobility scooters.

Is the Rotherhithe treasure hunt up to date? Will we be able to find all the clues?

We regularly check the treasure hunt routes and update the treasure hunt packs accordingly. Answers to clues will be found on fixed statues, information plaques and in architectural features.  You will not need to go into any buildings or paid access areas.

What's the last time we can start the Rotherhithe treasure Hunt?

We recommend you start the Rotherhithe Treasure Hunt 2 hours before it gets dark i.e. 2.30pm in the winter.

Can the organiser take part?

Absolutely! The answers will be in a sealed envelope so there can't be any peeking!

We would like to have to have a drink at the end and possibly something to eat. Can you help?

Our Rotherhithe treasure hunt ends outside a wheelchair accessible and family friendlypub. We can provide you with a list of other suitable venues in Rotherhithe depending on your budget and requirements. 

We send out the name of the final venue and the phone number for this venue in order that you can contact them and make the necessary arrangements.

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