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Private London Treasure Hunts

Give your friends and family an experience they can share and remember with our memorable London treasure hunts. 

Our London treasure hunts are an ideal way for getting out and about. They are fabulous fun and are fantastic for friends and families to explore London together.

Choose a date and time that suits you...

What's included:

Your very own host treasure packs & pens, general photo props, prizes for winning team

Price: £15 per person. Minimum 8 people.

Max group size: twelve teams (up to 48 people).  Bookable online.

Ready to get to know London a little better?

Book a private treasure hunt for your friends and family. Your dedicated treasure hunt host will manage your event including welcoming the teams on the day and providing them with a brief, setting out the rules and answering any last minute questions.

During the event, your treasure hunt host will be on hand and easy to spot wearing a fetching pink high vis jacket. When it's time to hand in the answers your event manager will be waiting for them at the designated final venue, collect their packs and then mark their answers. 

Once that has been done your event manager will then announce the scores and lead the applause for the winning team. Your are welcome to provide additional prizes for team/s.

Hundreds of people have enjoyed treasure hunts which we have organised.

All treasure hunts can also be tailored to suit your chosen theme. Contact us to discuss your requirements for additional items / research to support your bespoke theme.

Before the Treasure Hunt:  

Your Treasure Hunt Host will meet you an agreed meeting place where each team will receive their treasure hunt packs. We will be kicking the whole thing off from there. You then have 90 minutes to solve the clues and complete the challenges.

To return your answers:  

Meet at the designated location provided in your treasure hunt pack by the allocated time where we will be marking the scores, announcing the winning team and presenting prizes. Full details to be provided in your treasure pack on the day by your Treasure Hunt host.

London Treasure Hunts

Greenwich Treasure Hunt

Pit your wits against our cunning clues as you race against time in the place where time begins.

Explore the unsurpassed beauty of Greenwich whilst getting to know it's quirkier side. 

Unravel cryptic clues, hunt down hidden gems and capture photo challenges.

Treasure hunt packs will be provided on the day by your treasure hunt host. 

West End Treasure Hunt

This treasure hunt is a fun mixture of crafty cryptic clues, strategy and teamwork, all set in the West End.

This area is jam-packed full of history of world-famous artists, authors and theatres. How much do you really know?!

Treasure hunt packs will be provided on the day by your treasure hunt host. 

City of London Treasure Hunt

Come and explore the wonderfully historic City of London, brimming with historical gems. 

Take in the art and architecture in an exciting way by exploring it's history through medieval streets and memorable gardens. 

Treasure hunt packs will be provided on the day by your treasure hunt host.

Rotherhithe Treasure Hunt

Take up the timed challenge of unearthing clues of the lost area of maritime Rotherhithe.

This treasure hunt combines the elegant Southwark Park and the much-overlooked Rotherhithe village.

Treasure hunt packs will be provided on the day by your treasure hunt host.

Monuments and Money Treasure Hunt

Ready to really look at the area of the City of London known as Bishopsgate, an area once dominated by merchants, traders and insurance brokers.

How much do you really know about the area? Take a deeper look into an area which was once Roman London.

Treasure hunt packs will be provided on the day by your treasure hunt host.

Soho Treasure Hunt

Come and explore wonderful Soho. The streets of Soho are filled with wonderful tales of artists, musicians and medical pioneers which you will encounter on your exploration.

Think you've got what it takes? Let it show, let it show, let it show! 

Treasure hunt packs will be provided on the day by your treasure hunt host.

Treasure Hunt FAQs

What kind of clues are there on these Treasure Hunts?

Answers to clues will be found on statues, fixed information plaques and in architectural features. As well as clues to unravel and riddles to solve there will be bonus challenges too - just to keep you on your toes!

How many can be in a team?

Up to four people in a team; too many chefs spoil the broth 'n' all that. Besides, there are only 4 prizes!

How long will the treasure hunt take?

Our Treasure Hunts are designed to take 2 hours out and about and then add time for marking and prize giving.

What do we need to bring?

A smartphone and comfortable clothing. We provide the rest in your treasure hunt pack.

Do participants follow a set route?

Teams are provided with the same clues but the order in which they choose to do them is completely up to the individual team's.

Do we need local knowledge?

Our London treasure hunts are designed for you to learn about the area. No local knowledge is required.

Are prizes included?

Yes, for the winning team but you are welcome to provide prizes for other  team/s. 

Are these treasure hunts accessible for wheelchairs?

We try and make our treasure hunts as accessible as possible but by their nature of uncontrolled routes are not step-free guaranteed. 

Are the treasure hunts up to date? 

We regularly check the treasure hunt routes and update the treasure hunt packs accordingly. You will not need to go into any buildings or paid access areas.

What's the last time we can start a private treasure hunt?

Our treasure hunts can be done during the day or night and can be booked to start from 9am - 8pm online.

Can the organiser take part?


We would like to have to have a drink at the end and possibly something to eat. Can you help?

Yes of course. We can send you a number of venues to choose from so that you can contact them and make the necessary arrangements as  you may wish to set up a tab / order food. 

Bespoke Treasure Hunts available

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