Coffee, Cash and Commerce - a private tour

Explore the financial side to the City of London with Ian McDiarmid

Explore the heart of the capital's financial markets. Walk down narrow alleys where the deals done in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries propelled London to pre-eminence.

See how the markets established then - equities, bonds, commodities and insurance - are traded now, and why they are vital to the UK's economy.

  • Ian McDiarmid, qualified City of London guide and ex-trader
  • Private Tour: you choose the date and time
  • Office collection / pub drop off option available

Duration: 90 mins | Step-free access: yes

Start: St Helen's Square

End: Bank Station

Financial City of London - a private tour with Ian
Financial City of London Private Tour with Ian McD

Financial City of London Private Tour Reviews:

"This would be a fabulous walking tour for someone who wonders what they do in the City of London and how it got started. Various financial instruments and institutions were carefully explained for the layperson. The evolution of the buildings in which transactions were made was also covered. I certainly had no idea how important coffee houses were as meeting places and markets as early as the 17th century! The guide helpfully shared his reading list for those interested in delving further into specific topics. Architecture and place were covered, but not really the focus of this tour." Maria Kacandes-Kamil 

"This was a fascinating walk, I came away with a much clearer idea of the history of the City and how it works." Carol Lewis

"This company is excellent and their walk leaders always provide in depth information in a clear and interesting way. Highly recommended." Susan

"The tour guide Ian was friendly, incredibly knowledgeable and took his time explaining. He waited patiently for everyone to assemble at the various points and dealt brilliantly with people's queries. My friend and I learnt so much on this walk and it was fascinating to learn about the creation of the City to the present day. Will definitely go on more of these walks and it was a perfect way to start the weekend by going on this on a Saturday morning." Joya

"The tour guide was very knowledgeable and responded to all our questions. He far exceeded his allocated time and not one person left on time as we were all enthralled and gripped with the knowledge that he provided about cash, coffee and commerce. A must for all to have a greater understanding of financial services, the traders and how they are governed and how the success of London impacts on our everyday lives." Shenis

"I learnt a lot and it was all the more exciting to be doing so in the locations where such important developments took place. I’d have preferred a slight shift in balance between the history of the finance industries (insurance, banks etc) and information about say the buildings. That said, it was a most enjoyable morning benefitting from Ian’s fantastic fund of knowledge." Anne

"Wow! Now we know enough to become 'Something in the City'! Ian's depth and breadth of knowledge on this topic is mind blowing and so interesting. We thought we already knew a lot but now feel we could get our degree in Financial Services. The anecdotes stick in the mind: Hogarth's Dad's coffee shop where you had to speak Latin, why we say 'you could have heard a pin drop', why the City is so important and why it is resented by the rest of the UK. Thank you Ian for a terrific walk." Jan

"Excellent. Ian is so knowledgeable about the city and finance in general. He took us to some areas of the city you wouldn't know to explore just by looking at a map. Highly recommended." Anette

"I enjoyed this tour very much and learnt a great deal about the City of London and how it developed. My knowledge of finance, insurance and bond dealing, hedge funds etc was very limited but Ian made it all very clear. It was lovely to see one of the original coffee houses and the site of others I had read about. Ian was easy to hear and understand thanks to the microphone. He also repeated questions from the group so that theywere inaudible. That was very helpful. " Tricia

"Ian was a really intelligent and interesting guide to the world of city finance and the origins of trading in 16th century London coffee houses. A fascinating walk overall though I felt perhaps it tried to pack in a little more financial information than my brain could really process " Matt

"Very easy to find meeting point and not too much walking involved. Really informative walk and greatly enjoyed ." Shirley

"Really interesting walk around the City with Ian, who is an excellent, informative and entertaining guide. Learned so much about this very important part of London from both a historical and a present day perspective." Christine

"This was such a great walk; Ian has a wealth of information to impart about the City of London and it was delivered in an interesting and often amusing way. We thoroughly recommend it." Sue and Brian

"Really enjoy going on walks with the “London Guided Walks as they guides are so good. This was my third walk with Ian and he is excellent. He so so knowledgeable, interesting and provides so much information. It is amazing how he crams so much in to 90 minutes. Absolutely no time is wasted and I always learn so much not just about buildings but also about history. The links form the 17the century to the present day via the 2008 financial crash were fascinating. It is such a privilege to be able to go on these walks with Ian and Hazel and hope in time to do all the walks they offer. Everyone should try at least one. You won’t be disappointed." Ian

Financial City of London - a private tour
Financial Walk in the City of London
Financial City of London - a private tour
Financial City of London - a private tour
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