FAQs about our public London Treasure Hunts: 

What kind of clues are there on this Treasure Hunt?

Answers to clues will be found on statues, information plaques and in architectural features. As well as clues to unravel and riddles to solve there will be bonus challenges too - just to keep you on your toes! 

Can I come to a treasure hunt on my own?

Of course! This is a social event so don’t worry about coming on your own, we put people into teams upon arrival and its just a bit of fun.

How many can be in a team?

Up to 4 people in a team.

How long will the treasure hunt take?

The hunt should take you around 2 hours. We will be marking the scores back at the pub at 4pm where we will announce the winning team and present prizes so it should all be over by 4:30pm. These details will be given to you on the day itself. 

What do I need to bring to the treasure hunt?

A pen, smartphone (with battery life) and comfortable clothing

These areas are new to me. Do I need local knowledge?

These treasure hunts are designed for you to learn about the area. No local knowledge is required.

Are children welcome?

Yes absolutely! These treasure hunts are designed for adults, however, are welcome to accompany adults as they are able to and do enjoy being able to contribute to many of the challenges. We try to choose children friendly venues in which to announce the winners at the end. Please see individual treasure hunts for specific details.

Are these treasure hunts accessible for wheelchairs and prams?

We try and make our treasure hunts as accessible as possible including avoiding stairs. You do, however, need to be able to comfortably be out for 2 hours with your team. Please look at each specific treasure hunt's for details.

Do participants follow a set route?

Teams are provided with the same clues but the order in which they choose to do them is completely up to the individual team's chosen strategy.

What are these cultural treasure hunts in London like?

In one word? Fun! Read our reviews and check out our photos here.

Bespoke Treasure Hunts available

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