What is a Podcast?

Put simply, a podcast is a series of niche audio episodes stored online ready for you to access on demand.

What does that mean?

Each week we record a 20 minute episode about London’s history, it’s people and it’s places and you can listen to it and previous ones I have done in your own time.

You can do that by either subscribing to a podcast via a podcast app such as Apple Podcasts | Spotify |Android Podcasts | Anchor.fm or you can subscribe to our weekly podcast email where we will deliver the episode into your inbox along with any show notes.

What are podcast show notes?

Show notes are rather handy. They may contain photos, maps, links to recommended reading or related blog posts. They also contain a transcript of the podcast should you prefer to read it instead.

Learn things about London that most Londoners don't even know in a 20 minute espresso shot of London history in a podcast with a splash of personality.

There's so much we can't fit into our tours, no matter how hard we try. This London history podcast is where we can get down and dirty with the detail!  You're not going to find this level of detail in any guidebook.

Let us know if there's a particular person, event or place you want to know more about in our podcast. Send us your suggestion / request.

If you would like to be a guest on our podcast please let us know here.

Subscribe for future episodes: Apple Podcasts | Spotify |Android | Email | RSS

Subscribe for future episodes: Apple Podcasts | Spotify |Android | Email | RSS


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