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In 1837 Queen Victoria ascended the throne, bringing with her hopes for a rejuvenated monarchy.

For the first time in over 100 years England had a female monarch.

The Victorian era had begun!

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Victorian Oliver Twist Guided Walk

Oliver Twist Walk 

Experience Victorian literature come to life...

Victorian London was a dangerous place especially after dark, with highwaymen and other scoundrel’s waiting to pounce on anyone crossing their path. 

This walk follows the footsteps of Oliver Twist and the Artful Dodger on their final leg of their journey through London to reach Fagin’s lair as described in Charles Dickens' novel Oliver Twist.

We follow in the footsteps of Oliver and the Artful Dodger as they scurry along 1837 London at night. Learn what they would have seen, heard and smelt as they headed into the depths of a London slum, to Fagin's lair. Stealth is a skill necessary for survival in London's underworld.

  • Authentic different tour
  • Discover 1837 London
  • Qualified guide

Suitable for all age groups. Please note all children must be accompanied by an adult.

Start: Angel Tube Station | End: Farringdon Station

Duration: 90 mins | Step-free access: yes

Oliver Twist Reviews:
Victorian Oliver Twist Guided Walk

"I so enjoyed this walk. When Hazel read the extract at the start, it was just words. By the end of the walk, it had become substance and it is rare to be given such insight into exactly what an author truly meant to portray. Thank you Hazel" Alison P

"Hazel was an excellent raconteur and evoked the sights, sounds and smells of Oliver's first meeting with the Artful Dodger with many entertaining stories." Cath, Melbourne, Aus

"An interesting walk in an area I know well, packed with stuff I didn't know and a thorough knowledge of the walk subject." Bill, Bermondsey

Oliver Twist walk - great for adults and kids

"Took the Oliver Twist walk yesterday with my 10-year old daughter. It was a fab experience that we both enjoyed. Lots of historical facts, engagingly presented, made us really see and relive London as it was then. We'll definitely be doing this walk again.. and other walks offered by Hazel."

Oliver Twist w/Hazel at London Guided Walks

"This tour, following in the footsteps of Oliver Twist, is very well planned, organized, and executed. Hazel has vast knowledge of London, its history, and all aspects of interest to those who want to learn. We especially enjoyed her articulate style, engaging tempo, and humour. Highly recommended for tourists and Londoners alike! We are repeat customers. Hazel is terrific!"

Interesting and fun walk

"The walk was really interesting, detailed and pertinent with its title (which is not always so obvious with other walk groups). The guide was enthusiastic and able to make the walk even more interesting and even funny. I have learnt lots of things about Oliver Twist and Dickens's age and I can remember them thanks to the attitude of the guide and her way of explaining." 

Victorian Covent Garden Guided Walk

Victorian Covent Garden Walk

The age of improvement is upon us. Victorian London is often described as a labyrinth or a maze; once you enter it’s hard to get out. 

On this guided walk we delve into the underworld of child labour, the introduction of ice cream to the masses and the fortitude of Victorian engineering.

Stand where the Thames used to dominate, take in the messy madness of one of the most famous London markets and get to know some of the Victorians which left a legacy which we still benefit from today.

Start: Charing Cross  |  Finish: Covent Garden

Tour Duration: 90 mins  | No step-free access

Victorian Covent Garden Walk Reviews:

“Victorian Soho and covent garden”

Guide is knowledgeable funny kind ..beautiful walk through london on a sunny Sunday afternoon ...walk will go ahead whatever the weather though.I would thoroughly recommend.

“Highly recommended”

These are fantastic walks, with a very well informed and engaging guide. They are a really fun way to learn more about London and its people.

"This was a very interesting walk that included historical and also thought provoking aspects of Victorian life. The Guide was lovely - very personable and inclusive. Although it was a chilly the 90 minutes flew by. I would attend another of her walks and recommend the company to others." Pam E

“Victorian London”

We enjoyed the time spent with Hazel our humorous and knowledgeable tour guide. She really brought that period in history to life. We most certainly will book more guided walks.

“Fantastic afternoon out!”

It was a most enjoyable afternoon, walking and learning about the Victorians in London. A fresh view of well know streets, with a fantastic, knowledgeable and inspiring guide! I was my first, and certainly won't be my last!!

“Friendly, fun & informative walk”

I recently joined a Victorian Covent Garden & Soho walk. Hazel is a lovely, enthusiastic guide who kindly made it possible for me to enjoy the tour with my baby. I am looking forward to participating in more tours with Hazel in the near future.

"Thankyou once again Hazel , another inspiring walk full,of personality ,humour and pzzazz that a word ? ! Post walk drink great too" Sarah, North London

"Many thanks Hazel - another fascinating walk! Well done for competing with the helicopters, protesters, motorbikes and sirens!! " Jane, South London "Very enjoyable and informative. Hazel, your hard work is much appreciated and you make it fun!" Rochelle, New Malden

Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde Walk

Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde Walk

Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde by Robert Louis Stevenson is a novel in which setting plays an important feature. The novel is set in London and draws heavily on Stevenson’s knowledge of his hometown Edinburgh to create a chilling setting which emphasises the themes of good and evil.

Most of the London locations mentioned the most are in Soho. Even though fictional, there are places we can see which match the description. The walk includes excerpts of the book which students are welcome can read out - it really helps recreate gothic London. Throughout the tour I'll also share interesting facts about Robert Louis Stevenson and draw some parallels with his other works.

- Follow in the footsteps of Robert Louis Stevenson
- Meet other adventurous souls
- Qualified guide

"This was a really good walk and a nice group of people. Hazel is an excellent guide. Very interesting and informative and I gained a good understanding of Robert Louis Stephenson. I really recommend this walk." Stephanie Kerstein  

"Interesting walk with a Gothic theme. Hazel is always such an enthusiastic, knowledgeable guide and I found out a few new things about an area that I walk through frequently." Jenny Watson  

"Interesting tour of back alleys in Covent garden and Soho which conjure up the atmosphere of the time. Quite important to know about the book or have an interest in this period. Guide was easy to hear and follow and answered questions to provide more background. Good tour if new to the area but perhaps needs to be a more general knowledge tour of covent garden and Soho rather than Jekyll and Hyde." Charmian Ali   

"Angela must spend a great deal of time researching her walks before venturing out with her fellow walkers. This new walk is very enjoyable and interesting, as usual, and means one looks at areas of London in a different light." Ruth Griffiths 

"Informative and interesting walk hosted with characteristic charm. Well worth attending. There was a slightly new twist as it was a walk with a new script. It worked well. It would be even better if the walk took place in twilight/early evening …. but you can't have everything." John McGirr

"Excellent. A very informative and interesting walk with Hazel. Full of interesting historical facts - delivered with passion and knowledge about the subject and the area in this part of London." Melanie Mckenzie  

"Excellent walk and thoroughly enjoyable. Hazel is a superb guide very knowledgeable and informative and genuinely interesting. So good to see parts of London I didn’t know and have often just walked past. I really like to learn more about the history of the area and in this case link it to a novel, that is Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. If this is the standard, and I am sure it is, I would wholeheartedly recommend Hazel’s walks. Will definitely be going again and hope others enjoy them too." Ian Armstrong

Victorian Christmas Guided Walk

A Victorian Christmas Walk

At the beginning of the 19th century Christmas was hardly celebrated. Many businesses did not even consider it a holiday. But by the end of the century it had become the biggest annual celebration and took on the form we recognise today.

It is on this guided walk we delve into what makes a Victorian Christmas and explore traditions which may be older than you think.

We wander through old streets of the City of London and Westminster, exploring lives of late Georgians and Victorians at Christmas, dipping into Charles Dickens' 'A Christmas Carol' along the way.

Start: St Paul's Cathedral  |  Finish: Somerset House

Tour Duration: 90 mins | No step-free access

Victorian Christmas Walk Reviews:

Victorian Christmas Walk

Really enjoyed our Victorian Christmas walk with Hazel today. It is really interesting to learn about some of the things that you see everyday in London and also some of the things that you don't see as they are off the beaten track. Excellent.

Festive Victorian Christmas walk

Another great walk! This was my second walk with Hazel and again it was both fascinating and fun. As before my baby in his pram joined in and loved the buzz of the friendly group. I shall definitely be back, thanks Hazel!

"Thanks Hazel for a wonderful walk! Definitely looking forward to coming to another walk soon." Gerald, LA

A Victorian Christmas

"This was my second walk with Hazel and I thoroughly enjoyed it. There was quite a good group of us and we also had a baby who was as good as gold. The weather was also on our side as the evening was quite a good one to stroll around the Victorian part of the City. Hazel is a very interesting guide and knows lots of facts. I am already looking forward to my next one in the New Year. It's definitely a great way to discover London, even the parts I already knew." Visited December 2015

"Fantastic, full of information, unknown facts, and built a vivid picture of Victorian Christmas." Karen S, Brockley

"Another great offering Hazel , expertly delivered as ever with fun and pzzazz." Sarah B, London






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