Street Art Walks

Discover 7 noses of Soho, lost streets and other body bits. Adults only.

Uncover the history of street art and see it evolve around you on the colourful streets of Shoreditch.

A Nosey Around Soho - 7 noses of Soho London walk

A Nosey Around Soho Walk

- Discover quirky Soho

We explore many nasal passageways of Soho and the West End including art installations, street art and body bits on this 90 minute guided walk. Learn about the history behind some of Soho's architecture, celebrities and facial features in an ever changing community.

Infinite wealth is nothing to be sniffed at. It's a well known urban legend that if you find all seven noses of Soho you will gain infinite wealth.  Saying that though, having since found all said noses I haven't won as much as even a raffle. Will your fair any better?

Don't miss out on this fantastically unique tour of one of the most exciting areas of London, packed with secrets, street artand great stories!!

  • Explore quirky soho
  • Meet other adventurous souls
  • Adults only

Start: Covent Garden | End: Covent Garden

Duration: 90 mins | Step-free access: yes

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7 noses of Soho Street Art London Walks


A Nosey Around Soho -  a London walk

"Really a quite excellent walk. Thanks Hazel!"

Lousia C

A Nosey Around Soho, a London walk

"Hazel's love for London is contagious! Her enthusiasm led us around Soho when we learnt many fun facts about art as well as history. Highly recommend her tours." Anne F

7 noses of Soho London walk
7 noses of Soho London walk
7 noses of Soho London walk
7 noses of Soho London walk
Street Art London Walks

Street Art Walk

Love Street art or want to know a bit about it? Join us for a street art tour mixing the street art, their artists with the history of the immediate area.

Join us as we wander through the streets of Shoreditch looking at the vast range of street art that is on offer whilst getting know know the history of the area. 

The Old Nichol was known as the worst slum in Victorian East London but now the area is experiencing a new lease of live thanks to a large number of talented street artists. 

Start: Shoreditch High Street Overground station

End: Shoreditch

Duration: 90 mins | Step-free access: yes

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Street Art London Walks



"Very interesting walk. I got to know Shoreditch a bit more. Love the street art. Could see myself hanging up lanterns in the area. Will definitely visit again to see more art. " Jacqui & Dominic Godfrey  

"A wonderful informative walk with a great raconteur and historian, lots of interest for all levels. A real eyeopener. My 12 year old and a visiting friend loved this too. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Hazels tours and am keen to catch her others. Go if you can." DA, Paris


"Delightful way to spend a sunny evening weaving the streets and alley ways of Shoreditch in search of Street art in the jovial and enthusiastic company of Hazel, your knowledgeable guide!" David B, London

"Hazel's walks are always exceptional but this topped them all. THis is totally what guided walks are for: to find and see things you wouldn't otherwise. And with the background stories - amazing." Eva, Germany

Street Art London Walks
Street art walk in Shoreditch, London
Street art walk in Shoreditch, London
Street art walk in Shoreditch, London





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