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Alastair Hilton

Alastair Hilton, Professional Photographer

Alastair is a professional photographer who lives on a narrowboat in London. 

His days are filled with photographing people from all walks of life, from individuals starting out on their careers to CEOs of FTSE100 companies and household names on tv and stage.

When not photographing for clients, he loves nothing more than wandering around London, discovering new places, interesting facts and of course, photographing his travels in this great city as he goes.

His passion for photography combined with his love of London makes Alastair the perfect person to take you on a London photography tour, showing you where and how to get great photos on your walks. 

Alastair's private photography walks explore both iconic London and hidden places enabling you to gain a valuable working knowledge of how to take fabulous photos. 

Alastair's private Historic London pubs tours take you into some of the best historic pubs have to offer and will regale you with stories and history facts.

You can book our guided walks, private tours and treasure hunts online 24/7.

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What people say about Alastair

Alistair a very pleasant chap with a good deal of interesting knowledge. A. Maher, CNS Group

What an enjoyable way to spend a Saturday afternoon. Hazel is always wonderful, cheerful company and with Alastair as our “teacher” we walked along the Thames from the National Theatre to Tate Modern taking lots of photos as the rain held off and day turned to a horizon of evening lights reflecting on the river. We had fun with new ways to enhance our photographs and make the most of iPhone technology. It’s going to be exciting practicing these new techniques! A. Parry

It was a very good and well organised session. The group number is just right. I learnt a lot and will enjoy more of taking photos with my smartphone. M. Chang

Brilliant walk along London's South Bank. A clever idea a Smart Phone Photo walk where one receives expert guidance on how to capture the best scenes. I now have wonderful photos of my favourite views, love looking at them. Hazel and Alastair very helpful and attentive, involving everyone in the group. A very happy atmospheric tour. A Big Thank You. M. Ng

A most interesting 2 hr walk where we were shown how to take the best photos with our smartphones. I couldn't believe how much I had learned and what a difference it made to my pictures. There's so much on the phone to discover and play with. Hazel and Alistair were extremely helpful and enthusiastic and a lovely group of people. Most enjoyable afternoon despite the rain. M. Firestone

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