Kids Tours in London

Family-Friendly Tours

Our Kids Tours are fun and engaging walking tours in central London designed for private groups and families with children. 

All private Kids Tours are 90 mins.

£135 for 1-12 people

£160 for 13 - 30 people

Maximum 30 people, so the whole extended family to join in! 

Private kids tours can be booked online below:

For Arty Types

Instagram Tour: Throughout the walking workshop with Hazel you will perfect the skill of taking a good shot, writing an engaging caption and choosing hashtags. 

Street Art Tour: Street Art Tour - what is art? What is the street artist wanting us to feel? 

For Pokemon Go Adventurers

Pokemon London walk: Southbank to West End - Explore some of London's key landmarks while on the hunt for Pokemon.

Pokemon London walk: London Bridge to Tower of London - Explore some of London's key landmarks while on the hunt for Pokemon.

For History Lovers

Wonders of Whitehall - uncover the Tudor palace of Whitehall

Heretics and Horrors - The City of London has a bloody past which we explore


For Book Lovers

Follow the Footsteps of Oliver Twist - explore Victorian London

Harry Potter's London walk: Whitehall to the West End - see film locations and inspirations

Harry Potter's London walk: Southwark to the City - see film locations and inspirations

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them in London - explore how these beasts are entwined in our Muggle world

Christmas in London Walks

A Victorian Christmas - learn where our Christmas traditions came from

A Christmas Carol - explore the streets mentioned in Charles Dickens' famous ghost story

Christmas Lights - explore illuminated world-famous streets and hidden alleyways

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Best London Tours for families
Best London Tours for families





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