Jack the Ripper Walk

Explore Whitechapel in 1888

The case has re-opened. In 1888 the most infamous serial killer in Victorian London started his reign of ripping terror on the poverty-stricken streets of the East End which were first known as The Whitechapel Murders. 

Walk in Jack the Ripper's footsteps, down cobblestone lanes and dark back streets. You're in safe hands with your expert guide Jenny who has been leading Jack the Ripper walks for 24 years. 

See original 18th and 19th century pubs that the victims are known to have drank in, as well as churches and houses that date back centuries. 

Jenny, your expert Ripper guide, will talk you through the series of murders, including the 'canonical' five. Take a few frightening steps onto the dark side on your quest to finally solve the crimes of the world's most infamous cold case.

Instead of glorifying one of the most heinous crimes of the 1880s, we look at the socio-economic conditions which created the landscape to one of the most famous un-solved crimes of Victorian London.

300 leads | 80 arrests | 12 prime suspects. Will you agree with the expert's analysis of the prime suspects, or will you have your own theory?

  • Visit original crime locations
  • Meet other adventurous souls
  • Jenny, a qualified tour guide

  • Start & End: Outside Aldgate Tube station 
  • Duration: 2.5 hours
  • Step-free access: yes 
Jack the Ripper Walks, Whitechapel, London

Polite notice: These were no ordinary murders, these were murders of vulnerable women in reduced circumstances who once killed were disfigured and dehumanised. Please be aware that the tour contains adult material including graphic photos and descriptions of the documented crimes. Under 12s are not permitted on the tour and we also advise parental guidance for under 16s.

Jack the Ripper Walks, Aldgate East Station, London
Jack the Ripper Walks, Aldgate Station, London





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