An Online Escape Room

Any number of devices

Pay once and play with any sized group from anywhere. Connect by phone or (video) chats e.g. Zoom, WhatsApp, Facebook Rooms.

Approx 1 - 2hrs

Duration varies depending on level of skill and group size. No time limit.  Recommended for14yrs+

Browser- based Game

Internet capable device sufficient (PC, laptop is best). You may benefit from a pen & notepad too.

Ready to Play

Pay and play immediately. Access code is valid for 7 days and entitles you to play once.

Find the Phoenix

The phoenix was forged in the flames of the Great Fire of London in 1666. It protects the City of London but hasn't been seen for centuries.

Historian and amateur musician Richard Duffy believes he has found not only enough evidence to prove the Phoenix is real but its hiding place too. 

He was being watched and he knew it. 

The problem? Richard Duffy has gone missing before he was able to prove his theory.

The good news? He has left you clues to follow and riddles to solve.

We do not know who or where they are but they have the intent of destroying both the Phoenix and the City of London. You cannot allow this to happen. Only you and your team can keep the City of London safe by finding the Phoenix. 

Will you find the phoenix before they do? Or perhaps, they will find you?!

Bringing the Escape Room into your home.

Embark on a virtual London adventure with friends or family wherever and whenever you want.

Play our online Escape Room game directly in your browser. No need to download an app or print game material.

Clues can be solved as a solo or team effort. If your team are physically separated, you can still play together from anywhere online with the same access code.

Grab your friends or family and work together to find the Phoenix.

Duration: 60  - 120 mins | Team 1 - 5 people suggested

The Rules:

  • Use any form of map 
  • Use any form of research
  • Work together with your own team
  • Keep your head in the game

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