Making the most of your Treasure Hunt

1. Whilst on your Treasure Hunt


1.1 You must accept full liability and you are solely responsible for your safety and the safety of your group while following and completing any treasure hunt.

1.2 Please be respectful whilst on your treasure hunt and considerate for your surroundings. Some of the land may be privately owned and clues may well be set on property which should require thoughtful and appropriate behaviour; such as war memorials, gravestones and historical sites or ancient monuments. 

1.3 If you are required to access private land to follow any treasure hunt, you should make note and follow any conditions or restrictions that the landowner may impose. No answers are placed on private property.

1.4 Without prejudice to the generality of paragraph 1.2, a churchyard is not a public open space. Although Rectors are usually happy for people to visit their churchyards, they are first and foremost a space for quiet reflection. Any visitors to churchyards must be aware that bereaved may be tending graves and that worship may be taking place within the building. As churches are used for funerals and worship, if you plan to visit with a group then you should call in advance to ensure that no funeral is taking place and you should avoid Sunday visits unless you and your party are quiet and respectful.


2. Choosing the right treasure hunt for you and making the right decisions whilst on the treasure hunt

2.1. We provide guidance on our treasure hunts and the suitability for those completing them. This information is available on our website and within the treasure hunt booklet. We believe this guidance to be correct but cannot be held responsible for any guidance which may be deemed inaccurate by a customer. This includes length and duration of a treasure hunt and suitability for wheelchair and pushchair users on any given treasure hunt.

2.1.2. If whilst on a treasure hunt you feel the guidance is not suitable for yourself or your party, then you are responsible for making the decision to stop and should not carry on.


3. Stories portrayed on the treasure hunts

3.1. The treasure hunts are entirely fictional. The use of names of real people, living or dead, as characters in our mysteries are intended for your fun only and in no way or by any means alleges or implies any connection whatsoever on their part with any wrongdoing or criminal act.

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