City of London Treasure Hunt 

Give your brain a workout with our challenging clues. Uncover the hidden histories of the ancient City of London.  Come and explore the wonderfully historic city, brimming with historical gems on our Treasure Hunt. 

Answers to clues will be found on blue plaques, statues, other information plaques and in architectural features.  As well as clues to unravel and riddles to solve they’ll be bonus challenges too - just to keep you on your toes! 

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Before the Treasure Hunt:

Meet at just outside St Paul's Station. Unless you have organised your own group you will be sorted into groups and receive your treasure hunt packs. Our staff will be wearing high vis jackets and a smile. 

To return your answers:

We meet at the pub where we will be marking the scores, announcing the winning team and presenting prizes. Pub details to be provided in your treasure pack on the day.

Tickets: £15 for individuals and £50 for a team of 4. 

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Can I come on my own?
Of course! This is a social event so don’t worry about coming on your own, we put people into teams upon arrival.

How many can be in a team?
Up to 4 people

How long will the treasure hunt take?
The hunt should take you around 2 hours. We will be marking the scores back at the pub where we will announce the winning team and present prizes so it should all be over by 4pm.

What do I need to bring?
- A pen
- A smartphone (with battery life)
- Comfortable clothing & footwear

 "What a great fun way to learn about Greenwich. The organisation of this event was perfect. We were a group of three, but teamed up with another who had come on his own- and it worked really well because we made new friends in the process.

The clues were well thought out and challenging which gave us all a sense of achievement when we found the answers. Well done Hazel for organising such a great event. Definitely recommend this to everyone." Kimbugs


Bespoke Treasure Hunts available

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