Family-Friendly Treasure Hunt

- London Highlights

2 -3 hours of family fun

Price: £25

Turn a day out in London into a full-blown interactive adventure!

Who are our family-friendly treasure hunt for? The whole family! It's designed for all ages to enjoy. Our treasure hunts combine your sense of adventure with iconic places of London.

How long will the treasure hunt take? Well that depends. We would expect you to take 2-3 hours to complete. It's not timed. You can stop and restart whenever you want, for a spot of lunch or shopping or to visit a museum or gallery.

How does it work?  Follow a self-guided treasure hunt through the street of London covering Westminster Abbey, Parliament Square, Trafalgar Square, Covent Garden, St Paul's Cathedral and the Tower of London.

  • - Answers are on a star. What clue matches what you can see?
  • - Crack the clues and learn about London and its history as you go. 
  • - Complete your treasure hunt on your mobile phone.
  • - Get your results instantly when you submit your answers online.
  • - No need to enter any buildings to find the answers.
  • - Use public transport to get between sites (walking, bus and tube directions provided).

Our family-friendly treasure hunt is highly addictive (for all ages!). Gain some well-earned brownie points with providing your family with such a fun and memorable day in London. 

Time will fly and you'll be having so much fun. You will have fun, taken in the sights, work together as a team and returned home victorious and also with a smile on your face!

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