Best of Blackfriars Walk Reviews

London Guided Walks are a great way to see London. Hazel ran the guided walk around Blackfriars and opened our eyes to things that we would normally walk by without a second glance. She is warm and friendly and immediately put the group at ease. She communicates in an engaging way and her use of a microphone means that everyone can hear. We learnt about the history of the area as well as some of the more curious facts - the King’s Wardrobe area being one of them. Highly recommend the walk. Gill

Blackfriars guided tour. Very interesting part of London, not generally a popular area one would go to so the walk was full of surprising facts and history. Hazel was very pleasant and used a microphone so we could all hear clearly, moderately paced walk suitable for anyone. Ended up at an amazing pub with surprising décor, we went in to have a look, stopping for drinks is optional. Leanne

Fascinating walk, Hazel was super knowledgeable and we had a great time, will definitely do another of
her walks in the future. As a Londoner I thought I knew it all, but she showed us a whole new side of a
famous area, and just goes to show you never stop learning! Lou S

Knowing this part of London thanks to commutes through the brilliant new station, I was delighted to find clues to the history of the area revealed and explained by Hazel in a lively and engaging way. A couple of hours very well spent. C Petite

Lovely walk around Blackfriars with some really interesting stories about the area. Would recommend. Geoffrina S

I recently went on the Black-friars Walk with Hazel as the guide. The walk was incredibly interesting.
Hazel's leadership and the amount of information she imparted to the group was second to none. I will
definitely be doing another walk with Hazel and would not hesitate to recommend her walks to others. Mary

Hazel took us on a fascinating walk around Blackfriars showing, us amongst other things, the site of
Baynards Castle, Wren churches & the only remaining part of the Blackfriars priory. She is incredibly
well informed and this walk is highly recommended. Freda

What a friendly guide Hazel is. This was the first of her walks I had been on and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I thought I knew the Blackfriars area but Hazel took us down side streets and alleys I'd never even noticed before! She has clear diction and a microphone so you can hear her above traffic, just as well as she is very informative and funny. Recommended. Kim P

A friend invited me on this walk and, to be honest, it's not one I probably would have picked myself. However, it was a brilliant Saturday morning learning all manner of interesting facts about a very historic part of London I knew nothing about. Our wonderful guide Hazel could make anywhere interesting. She is an excellent orator, well researched and knowledgeable about her subject matter managing to get the balance between dry fact and amusing anecdote just right. I will definitely be walking with her again and would highly recommend her to everyone. Jandu

This was our first guided walk with Hazel and it was brilliant. Hazel has a sunny disposition, a good sense of humour and loves questions. Our tour was 90 minutes long and filled with a mixture of historical facts combined with an up-to-date general knowledge of the area and a sense of fun. we will definitely be joining Hazel for more of her trips in the future. Gillian

This is a 90 minute walk round a very historic part of the City of London. Hazel is a very well-informed
and entertaining guide, and she reveals the hidden secrets of the City brilliantly. I am already planning
to try another walk soon. Tyrone

I went on the Blackfriars walk with Hazel and I have to say it was thoroughly brilliant. The time, which wasn't rushed, absolutely flew by and the amount of information I was able to recall and bend the ear of my family that evening was a testament to the excellent delivery of the guide. It's the first walk that I have done with London Guided Walks and I am already looking at other ones I am going to book up. It seems a number of people who were on my walk were regulars and never have I met a friendlier bunch of people to accompany. I can not recommend them more - A++. Barry

This was an excellent guided walk. Hazel is very knowledgeable about the history and architecture of
the area and her anecdotes and stories made the walk even more enjoyable. Highly recommended. June

Blackfriars is an area of London that I've never really explored and knew was full of history. Hazel opened it up to me in 90 mins and I will be going back to re-explore some of the new places that she introduced our group of about 12 people to. She really knows her sites and history and is constantly adding to her knowledge and she makes people easy with each other. We finished with a drink at the interesting Blackfriars pub. Katrina P

The route for this walk was a good one, taking in much of London's core history and some hidden delights. The best bit, though, was the guide. I have been on many guided walks and the people leading them are of variable quality. Hazel, the organiser here, knows her stuff and knows how to communicate it. Highly recommended. Ian M

Hazel is a vey knowledgeable and entertaining guide. She showed us the interesting and fascinating
history of this district and organised a pub visit as well. Margaret

What a terrific way to spend an afternoon. I can't praise Hazel highly enough. She is knowledgeable, fun, friendly and paces the walk perfectly. The length is just right, avoiding information overload but leaving you wanting more. It's made me see Blackfriars in a different light and I can't wait to attend other walks with Hazel. Lesley

Hilary Glover   23-Oct-2019

Rated : StarStarStarStarStarVery knowledgeable guide brightened up a wet weekend afternoon. I now know a a lot more about a part of London I have walked around for years.

Hazel Taylor   21-Oct-2019

Rated : StarStarStarStarStarThis was a really interesting and enjoyable afternoon, even though the heavens opened and tried to spoil our fun! We were fine sheltering under our hoods/umbrellas and learned a lot about the Black Friars (Dominicans) and what they got up to, as well as the history of Blackfriars railway station, a gateway to the Continent and beyond in olden times. We also found out what happened to the River Fleet and many other interesting anecdotes. Hazel is a highly knowledgeable guide who was very willing to share her knowledge with us in an interesting and informative way. I would certainly go on another similar walk when possible.

Jan and Andrew Snell   21-Oct-2019

Rated : StarStarStarStarStarThe Best of Blackfriars Walk was informative and interesting made all the better by an knowledgeable and engaging guide, Hazel. Hazel wore a microphone which meant that every word could be heard and any information given was not missed by anyone. The information imparted was great and we were taken to parts of Blackfriars which we did not know existed. The Kings Wardrobe and the building where St Pauls choristers resided and were educated were just 2 of the highlights. Would thoroughly recommend this walk with Hazel.

Rosemary Chan   20-Oct-2019

Rated : StarStarStarStarStarHazel was engaging and knowledgeable. Her tour of Blackfriars was interesting and taught me things that I didn’t know about the area. Highly recommended!

Louise Bacon   20-Oct-2019

Rated : StarStarStarStarStarI have been on walks organised by Hazel before and this one was no exception in the wealth of information and little titbits of associated history she gives. Its so exciting to be taken off down side alleys and into mews which you would never have found on your own. I commute into Blackfriars regularly and never realised that the wall of gilded names was part of the original station and also I finally discovered how to get down onto the riverside of Thames Street. The layout of the old monastery of Blackfriars (we were shown the last remaining bit of ruin) with Baynards Castle on one side where Katherine of Aragon resided and Bridewell palace on the other side where King Henry VIII lived during their divorce; the proceedings being held in the monastery. Sadly nothing remains and over the top is the usual 60's terrible architecture and the defunct Mermaid Theatre. It was raining on and off during the walk, but it was worth it.

Susan Rosner    20-Oct-2019

Rated : StarStarStarStarStarHazel is a very friendly and knowledgable guide and always leads a very interesting walk. She pointed out things that you would normally walk past and not notice. We started at the station and learnt about the first railway lines then went outside to learn about the Black Friars and history of the area. We could all hear what was being said and Hazel made sure we were all together and safe when walking around. The walk was at a good pace and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I highly recommend the walk and any other walks organised by London Guided Walks - particularly if you live in London.

Sarah and Tony Greaves   23-Jul-2019

Rated : StarStarStarStarStarThe predicted rain thankfully never emerged, so we had a fine and summery early afternoon exploring an area we previously knew nothing about. Although some sites no longer exist after the Great Fire of London, Hazel's descriptions and the pictures she brings along helped us to understand more about the local history. For us the discovery of the Kings Wardrobe was a lovely surprise we would have otherwise hurried past on the way to a tube station. The walk ended at an old pub with a fascinating interior which has its own dining area. We will visit the pub again but feeling inspired by the walk we continued on our own City of London stroll.

Evin Fisli   21-Jul-2019

Rated : StarStarStarStarStarI very much enjoyed the walk. Hazel is very good tour guide. Hazel promised to organise more tours after she returns from her holidays. I am hoping she will organise more of Whitehall and soho tours. Really looking forward it.

Simon Hudson   21-Jul-2019

Rated : StarStarStarThe weather was good, the tour guide friendly, open and informative. With so much of interest to discover & to learn about I was left slightly deflated. As usual there was anecdotal information but little scandal or intrigue revealed. The tour did as advertised but required some spice to open the doors to the places visited.

Kay Davison   21-Jul-2019

Rated : StarStarStarStarHazel was very knowledgeable and informative. An enjoyable walk.

Susan Atkins   21-Jul-2019

Rated : StarStarStarStarStarReally enjoyed The Best of Blackfriars Walk. Despite living in London all my life and thinking I knew a good deal about it, this tour was informative and brilliantly conveyed to the group by Hazel. We look forward to future tours.

Ruth Griffiths   21-Jul-2019

Rated : StarStarStarStarStarHighly recommended. The guide is very knowledgeable and also entertaining. The 90 minutes flew by. I will definitely go on more of her walks.

Sarah Lambert   16-Jun-2019

Rated : StarStarStarStarStarA fascinating walk , entertainingly guided by Hazel. We will definitely be booking up some more walks with her in the future

Veronique Jouhaud   16-Jun-2019

Rated : StarStarStarStarStarA great tour of the Blackfriars area. It was the second time I was attending one of Hazel's tours and I very much enjoyed it. Hazel knows a lot about the history of London and shared many stories. She makes her tour very lively, fun and interesting.

Yael Cliff   16-Jun-2019

Rated : StarStarStarStarStarBlackfriars Walk Very inspiring Excellent walk a lot of interesting stories Learning a lot Small group of people Very good walk leader I will definitely go again!!

Carola Kleinstuck-Schulman   15-Jun-2019

Rated : StarStarStarStarStarDespite the weekend closure of the District Line, everybody on Hazel's list turned up, and I am sure everybody enjoyed it as much as I did. Hazel is knowledgable and entertaining in equal measure and kept everyone interested and engaged. I will definitely book another of her walking tours and recommend them to anyone who might be interested.

Ulrich Prutz   10-Mar-2019

Rated : StarStarStarStarStarI enjoyed the tour. Hazel the guide was full of usefull information and it was fun to walk with her. Highly recommended to try 1 of her many tours . I.m sure that I will book more with her during the warmer weather

Anonymous   10-Mar-2019

Rated : StarStarStarStarStarTour guide was extremely knowledgeable about the area; very interesting tour. Makes you look more closely at the details of the buildings and bridges you pass evry day.

Mark Hopper   8-Oct-2018

Rated : StarStarStarStarFascinating insight into an area of London not so commonly visited by walking tours. Many anecdotes the guide told us were from her personal experience e.g. her own visits to buildings that were closed to us. Would have liked more information about the Dominican 'Black friars' when we visited the only remaining piece of the monastery but the guide was open to questions.

Anonymous   8-Oct-2018

Rated : StarStarStarStarStarVery entertaining and interesting- the guide had lots of information that i had never heard before.

Kenton Maloney   3-Apr-2017

Rated : StarStarStarStarEasy place to find, meet and walk from, Hazel was friendly and very informative of Blackfriars area and local history. Most enjoyed the walk while learning new facts of old London.

Anonymous   1-Apr-2017

Rated : StarStarStarStarA great way to get to know a less well known area of London. Interesting and informative.

June Burrows   1-Apr-2017

Rated : StarStarStarStarStarThis Blackfriars walk is really interesting. Hazel really 'knows her stuff' and her enthusiasm and charm make it all the more interesting. I have lived in London most of my life but still learnt so much about this historically rich area.

Catherine Ross   1-Apr-2017

Rated : StarStarStarStarStarThoroughly enjoyed the walk. Most interesting walking in an area I knew very little about. The guide, Hazel, was very personable and knowledgeable about the area. I'll never look at Blackfriers bridge in quite the same way again. Certainly has encouraged me to take a closer look around the North side of the Thames. It was a friendly group and people soon got talking to each other on the walk between places of interest.

Anonymous   31-Mar-2017

Rated : StarStarStarStarStarExcellent: informative and enjoyable. Highly recommended .

Anonymous   26-Jun-2016

Rated : StarStarStarStarStarFabulous, informative tour - well worth doing. Suitable for families with older children as well as singles or couples interested in London's history. We learnt lots of fascinating facts about the rare and the architecture with a steady stream of stories from our gide. Highly recommended.

Gillian Faulkner   14-Apr-2016

Rated : StarStarStarStarStarWho'd have thought Blackfriars could be so interesting. Hazel knows her stuff and always makes time to answer any questions you may have

Kim Prendergast   19-Mar-2016

Rated : StarStarStarStarStarWhat a friendly guide Hazel is. This was the first of her walks I had been on and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I thought I knew the Blackfriars area but Hazel took us down side streets and alleys I'd never even noticed before! She has clear diction and a microphone so you can hear her above traffic, just as well as she is very informative and funny. Recommended

Anonymous   17-Mar-2016

Rated : StarStarStarStarStarWhat a brilliant way to spend 90 minutes! Hazel, the tour guide, has a sunny disposition, a wide range of historical and up to date general knowledge and a good sense of humour.We were taken to places we didn't know existed and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. This was our first walk with Hazel but we are definitely going on some more.

Richard Cumbers   25-Feb-2016

Rated : StarStarStarStarStarI would highly recommend this walk. Hazel uses a great deal of her great personality to make the walk and history come alive.

Anonymous   25-Feb-2016

Rated : StarStarStarStarStarInformative, interesting and a splendid way to spend 90 minutes. Hazel the guide is excellent. I have been on three of the walks and I cannot recommend them highly enough. Take advantage of the opportunity and go on a walk.

Jonathan Freeman   6-Feb-2016

Rated : StarStarStarStarHazel was great and the tour was interesting. Glad I went.

Christine and Ian Bleathman   6-Feb-2016

Rated : StarStarStarStarStarThis was a fascinating walk around Blackfriars and Hazel made it really enjoyable with her incredible knowledge of the area's history. It's just the right length and a really fun way to spend the afternoon. We will certainly book more walks with Hazel.

Anonymous   26-Jul-2015

Rated : StarStarStarStarStarWhat a great thing to do on a Saturday afternoon. I found the walk to be the right amount of time - I have been on two hour London walks and I have to say that they felt too long. Hazel is enthusiastic, very knowledgeable, has a great personality and presents the information with humour. She encouraged questions and enjoyed interacting with the group which made the whole thing seem more personal. I only wish I had had time to join her and others for a drink at the end. I will certainly look out for future walks led by Hazel!

Anonymous   25-Jul-2015

Rated : StarStarStarStarHazel has wonderful knowledge and a real passion for history. The 90 minute tour was very informative, nicely explained and illustrated. During the walk the group came across a man who was minding his own business cleaning up a stash of clay pipes and broken bits of pottery which he had discovered. Added to the history. Blackfriars is one area that has greatly changed. It would be lovely to go back in time to see the old beauty as it was described by Hazel.

Anonymous   8-Jun-2015

Rated : StarStarStarStarLovely walk around parts of Blackfriars you would most probably be unaware of plus loads of informative knowledge finished off with a G+T in lovely pub. Hazel enthusiastic as always. Great way to spend a Saturday afternoon.

This was my first Walking Tour, so I have nothing to comlare it to. Even though it was raining at times,
the tour guide was a trooper not losing her enthusiasm of the tour. Steppz

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