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Weekday of Tuesday 4 August

Posted by Hazel Baker on Tuesday, August 4, 2020 Under: August

Flash Briefings
What: Join the National History Museum and Pukka Herbs this summer for a free, online, family-friendly festival inspiring you to connect with nature and learn about the importance of life on Earth. Plant Club Sometimes plants can be easy to miss, but when we take time to look a little closer, we see how exciting and important they really are. These three activities will help you get to know plants better and use some of your scientific skills to investigate them: - How plants grow: Learn about the life cycle of flowering plants which will help you to fill out your plant diary. - Plant diary: Plant a seed and watch each day as it grows. This plant diary will give you clues of what to look out for and how to use simple scientific skills to investigate further. - Virtual BioBlitz: Join our virtual BioBlitz to help our scientists learn more about the plants near you. Use our ID guides to help you tell what different plants might be and report your findings on iNaturalist to help our scientists. Pukka Herbs' pollinator-friendly herbs: chamomile, lavender and mint Watch Pukka Herbs' how-to videos to learn how to use pollinator-friendly herbs to make your own chamomile and oat cookies, lavender shower melt and mint mocktail. Noisy Nature Take a moment to relax and connect with nature by listening to your local wildlife. Can you identify the sounds? When: The festival runs from Monday 27 July to Sunday 9 August. Cost: Free Link:

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